Monday, November 28, 2011


Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the holiday hiatus.

I hope you had a relaxing time wherever you were spending your Thanksgiving.

We had a blast visiting family at Dad & Chris' place.

(I will be posting pics soon but need to catch up on life here.)

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here, how about your place? I took the kids to pick out our tree this Sunday and they hit jackpot within fifteen minutes. May they always be so decisive. And I'm not kidding, the thing fits within millimeters of our ceiling. I guess all that measuring Grayson did with his measuring tape and tool belt (can you stand it?) paid off.

Last night, after much problem solving with the kids and I figuring how to get the scratchy pine off the roof of our van and into our living room, Grayson and Abby hung every single ornament on the same four branches so much so the tree began to lean east. I should've left it alone but me and my itchy fingers fixed it before nightfall.

So, with that paltry update, I bid you goodnight or good morning or good afternoon.

Pictures of paintballing with my family should go up tomorrow if both kids make it to preschool. Be sure to stay tuned for pics of impressive subsequent technicolor bruises on my legs. One looks like a smushed skin rainbow and the other a purple speckled hot air balloon protruding from my knee.

P.S. It's been over two weeks since Abigail's been to preschool. We're going to need to make introductions. She'll be "the new girl" with pine sap permanently affixed to her hair.

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