Monday, November 7, 2011


This past weekend, we stayed in a cabin that was secluded, cozy, and so quiet the squirrels sounded like deer crashing through the woods, snapping twigs underneath their full stomachs.

I searched high and low online until we came upon this little retreat set deep into the woods. As in miles deep without cell coverage or neighbors. As in we had seven stream crossings to get there. At night. In the darker than dark. With sleeping babies in the backseat, a worried dog, concerned husband and one seriously renter's remorseful mom bug-eyed in the front.

Until we turned the key to get in. Then all was lovely, wintery, and comfy as a favorite pair of slippers.

Sorry this video is so dark. There's a better one in the daylight but I can't load it because Hubs said our home address and I can't figure out how to cut that part out. For now, here's a short snip of our time in The Cabin That Wasn't So Scary After All

Video clip here, Mom. Just click it Woman. :)


Anonymous said...

Wonderfully cozy and I do see that you were well protected :) Um...thanks for calling my technical prowess out for all to see. I found it no trouble :) <3 <3

OSMA said...

I'm pretty sure he scared away all the bears. :) And you're welcome. I think a little peer pressure is always a good thing. xoxo