Monday, November 21, 2011


An hour ago I called my husband at work to let him know I caught the bug the kids have.  I was sick in every way imaginable.  Shakes, sweats, yuck here, yuck there, everywhere a yuck yuck.  I put my kids to bed then myself and fell into a very deep leave-your-miserable-body-behind sleep.

The phone rang, I slammed head-on into a migraine to answer it and knocked over an empty coffee cup as a result.


I'm not sick. 

Just incredibly...stupid.

I accidentally went cold turkey from coffee...again.  Day 2 and I had no idea the headaches, general feeling of malaise and me faced voodoo dolls were actually withdrawal symptoms from caffeine.  Who knew withdrawal symptoms would be so graphic with only one cuppa cup in my daily regimen?  Not this jerky, that's who. 

I've done this once before and stuck with it.

This time?  Not one chance of sticking with it.  It's Thanksgiving.  I want to be thankful, not psychotic.

So, there's that.

I will hope to update later, after scurrying to Starbucks for my salted caramel latte like a heat seeking missile finding its target in the middle of the rueful night.

Happy Thanksgiving.

May you not flood your system with one smarmy little toxin this week.

At least wait until  the week before Christmas.  You'll likely already be feeling like hell from holiday stress and cold weather blues.  Stack the plate is all I'm suggesting.  With a few chocolate chips on the side as a reason to live another five minutes.

And please refuse my frantic pleas for coffee donations when I'm clanking my empty tin cup around in front of you at Macy's.

Walk on by.

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Cristie Ritz King, M. Ed said...

Oh my gosh the salted caramel die for.
That said, I recommend yogi tea vanilla hazlenut or trader joes organic red chai for a satisfying no joe cuppa. I'm headache free for almost a month now and I have no desire to go back...except those damn mochas.