Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Treats and One Trick

So many updates to give you, so little time.  Abby's still sick, Grayson's struggling to get rid of his yuck for good and I'm somewhere in between.  Such is life with little preschooler germ magnets.

I'll start with the Halloween update first.  Then, if time and children allow, I will try to tell/show you about Grayson's Max & Ruby trap.  Let's just say I was almost a little surprised to wake up and find they were not wound up in the soft snuggly nest of yarn, fast asleep.

This Halloween was boatloads better than last Halloween.  Last Halloween was spent with me toting the children from house to house solo because Andy and 4 pieces of his largest suitcases had caught a plane to Bahrain just hours before.  It's been one year since Andy left on his deployment.  It's been five months since his return.  I'll take a fever over Skype any day of the week.

Oh, but the one trick part of this Halloween?  Because we weren't going to be home, I left out a bowl with candy in it on our front porch.  In my last minute fever haze, I chose the nicest prettiest (most favoritest) mixing bowl to hold the candy.  My thought process was that it would withstand a strong wind and hungry little hands.  Also?  It was a beloved wedding gift from a bridesmaid.  Thug goes my heart.  Well, it was G-O-N-E gone when we returned.  The candy AND the bowl.  I know, not a very nice trick but I should've known better.

So, with no further blah blah blahs, here's our Halloween cute.  I went as an under the weather SAHM.  Original, isn't it?  Pretty convenient actually.  Gave me a reason to follow my little family around in a heated minivan.  Abby took refuge inside with me and an irritated TinkerBell Sadie on more than one occasion.  I'd say Abby's favorite parts were the lollipops and power windows.

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