Thursday, November 17, 2011

God's Paintbrush

At a book fair in my kids' preschool last week I bought an excellent book called, God's Paintbrush. Just pretend it's underlined, I don't know how to ask my keyboard that favor. We are only on page 12 or so but I had to post the kids' responses before I forget them.

(In this sweet story about friendship, love, and God there are questions designed to make your kids think on each page. Answering these questions is their favorite part. Scratch that. Talking over each other to get their response out first is their favorite part. I hope the next chapter is on patience.)

A few question and answers I wanted to share with you:

What makes you afraid?

Abby: When it's 12:30 and Grayson comes home. (???? This is news to me.)
I am afraid of people walking under my door.
Grayson: When I'm alone (So NOT news to me.) or when the moon has a mean face and it looks angry at me. Oh, and screeching and scratching. I hear mouses at night.

What makes you feel better?

Grayson: Snuggling up with Gray Wolf. Checking to see it's trees making noises. Calling Sadie to come in my room at night.
Abby: Taking my pillow and going in Mommy's room.

What makes you cry and laugh?

Abby: Getting flu shots makes me cry. Squeaking noses makes me laugh.
Grayson: Getting a scrape on my legs and my hands and my arms makes me cry. Hugging and snuggling Mommy makes me feel better.

What makes God cry or laugh?

Grayson: Getting him out of the sky, taking him to a restaurant and cooking him makes him cry. (Ummm, what the????) Feeling beautiful of nature makes him laugh.
Abby: Getting him out of the sky, taking him to a restaurant...(Hold it right there sister, it was sacrilegious enough the first time.) Happy whales makes him laugh!

How can you be God's friend?

Abby: With a little girlfriend. (Good plan, Abs, the buddy system never hurts.)
Grayson: Think about him and asking him questions.

How are you God's echo/What might he ask you to do?

Abby: Wash the sink.
Grayson: Help people out when they're really hurting or very sick.

When do feel you don't belong?

Grayson: When somebody isn't my friend.
Abby: Scrub his hands.

When do you feel safe and warm?

Grayson: When someone goes with me wherever I go.
Abby: Play-Doh!

Where would you look for God?

Grayson: Rocketship, in a tree, in the sky, outer space.
Abby: In the snow and my juice box.

There you have it. According to my kids, I've been searching for God in all the wrong places when he's been in their Fruitables all along.

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