Friday, August 20, 2010


Pretty soon my family and I will be here, at the lake in Ithaca, New York.

(This makes me very happy.)

We will be hiking here:

And here:

(Lucifer Falls - an ugly name for a beautiful place)

We'll be eating out here and here:

We'll be napping, resting, and lounging here:

Sadie will be swimming in this:

Abby could be bathed in this:

(Grayson here circa 2007)

We'll be shopping here:

(Farmer's Market with the best daggone Cuban sandwiches in the universe and maybe even Cuba.)

We will get to live without television, computer, or even cell phones for seven days.

(Because Taughannok Falls doesn't require being connected with anything but your inner awesome.)

The kids -and adults- will throw stones, fish off the dock, and enjoy their surroundings

The best part? I get to go NOT like this:

(That was a big Grayson in my belly in 2006; 8- almost 9 months and ready to blow. I would repeat this tradition of going to the lake pregnant and huge in 2008 with a big Abby in my belly. There are no digital images to speak of. Picture a water buffalo. Then add flip flops and sweat pants. Then look away b/c nobody should have to endure such visual atrocities.)

So for the next few days, I will be missing you.

But enjoying the disconnect for the time being

(With the exception of my camera that will never leave my neck. Hope to get some good ones to share upon our return.)

See you next Sunday!
Take care and thanks for stopping by OSMA.


Monica said...

My mom was born there. I didn't know it was so pretty. I'll have to look it up for a trip for us maybe. We're actually close by visiting family.

Anonymous said...

Not liking the "disconnect" too much on this end :/

One Sided Momma said...

monica - what a small world! really, ithaca NY? it really is pretty on the lake. also has a reputation of being moody (weather wise) but i highly recommend for a vacation.

anonymouse - i'm sorry for the interruption but we're back in business now. :)