Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Spy

She stops to smell the roses.
(Those aren't roses and she's actually stopping to stand her ground on which way to go.)

She lords supreme over creatures bigger than herself.
(And I'm not just talking about Sadie here, (*cough* DaddyMommyGraysonGranparentsLadiesatGroceryStores *cough*)

She cares for things smaller than herself.
(But cheers like a Phillies fan when her brother squishes a spider.)

She is thoughtful.
(Rather, OCD'ing on covering every last speck of plastic baby.)

She is patient.
(The fake baby has now lost visual but is tucked in to save the unicorns.)

She is comforting.
(The baby is having trouble falling to sleep. It's having trouble seeing through cotton fibers too but all is forgiven when you're "Mommy" is only 20 months old.)

She is the bestest mommy in the world!
(There's time to work on the blanket placement issue but she has the whole jammy SAHM thing going on already.)


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my thoughts (hopes) exactly :)