Thursday, September 20, 2012

Yang to the Yin

Whoah did things head south after we last talked.

It's definitely because I broke the Mom Rule.  "Thou shalt never braggith."

I braggithed and now majorly regrettith.

Everything's fine today but not without two nights of cut-throat wack-a-mole between insomniacs: Grayson, Abby, and Sadie.  Sadie is nearing 11 and so is her bladder.  Dear baby bores holes through my blanket with her eyes and beats me to the sliding glass door.  Aging, you twisted sister, you.

For one reason or a streptococcus other, these children of ours have been resilient to replenishing their sleep tanks.  And mine.  But not Andy's.  He came home yesterday from slogging through Gettysburg during a tornado warning (those silly Marines) with a load of wet laundry and an immediate upper respiratory infection.


I'm staving it all off with loads of late night TV and blueberries.

So, here's some things I chose to distract myself with from the Crapville that was Tuesday night, Wednesday, Wednesday night and half of today.  I pushed myself outdoors because the day was OUTSTANDING and these things caught my eye.

I'm sorry, I just happen to think these webs are gorgeous lairs of wonder.  All but the giant light orb that haunts all sunny images.  I believe it's is a speck of sand inside my camera.  Or you know, Boompa.


Poison Ivy glided across my right arm as I climbed in the bushes to get this shot but I did not even question it.  We already know why.  Because there is always a Yang to this life of Yin.


(She found me last night after I crawled in her brother's bed to get some sleep at midnight.  Brother man came strolling in to join our slumber party.  We were all wide awake until quarter of four.)


 Sometimes it's good to document Zombie Mommy.  It reminds me that fashionably, there is only one direction I can possibly go.  The direction away from boyfriend Ts and hair clippies. 

Yin and Yang, you really make me appreciate this crazy life of natural balance and chaotic (dis)order.  Some place way far away in a land of sunny light orbs, we will kick back and watch the black and white sew into each other; a harmonious circle in the most silkiest of gray.



Jenna said...

Please listen to this song. You gotta HOLD ON...

Favorite line: Bless my heart, and bless yours too. If you listen loud enough, it will change your life.

OSMA said...

I cannot stop listening!!! Just posted on FB page to share bc I want to hear a chorus of, "C'mon Baby Girl, you got to git back up!"

Ahhhh, I want to eat her voice.