Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fresh Linen Placebo Effect

When the house is a complete travesty, the children have uprooted every doll, plastic ninja, tea party cup, and thousands of Lego-ey things despite the new baskets you just bought half off from Michael's to keep things tidy, you need this:

One whiff and voila! - You have a neat bun atop your head, dinner already roasting in a pan, and a belt wrapped around your cute dress fitted to accentuate your 50s pin-up girl curves that make your husband growl after he puts down his cigar.

I might need one in every room.


A Speckled Trout said...

I was at B&BW yesterday sniffing every candle they had. I was woozy with fall scents.

I was oh so close to Trader Joe's but I lose perspective of our checking account balance amongst the cute signs and flower-shirted employees. Next time.............

Anna See said...

ok, i def need some of that!

OSMA said...

A Speckled T- "woozy with fall scents" is what I aspire to be until the first snowflake.

A Speckled T & Anna - Save your pesos, I think they actually put clothing detergent in there as I was spending inordinate amounts of time getting "fresh linen" off my hands last night. Might be better to bottle up some Tide.