Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sky Writing

Get this, you guys.


A tornado warning (a tornado warning!?) at 3pm here in VA. 

Looming green skies, swaying tree limbs, and thundering rainfall for thirty minutes around 4pm.

Lights flicker.  Power dims.  We grab blankets and head to basement.

Storm surges then wanes and is just a mess of tricking clouds after 5:30

At 7:55 my father-in-law hollars upstairs, "Hey, a double rainbow, come see!"

And this is what I caught with my camera:

 So excited...that I forgot the flash.

 It was a double rainbow but I was a bit too late to catch both..

 Flash on, rainbow fading.

 Fading more but still there.

I mean, really.

We could have had the tornado warning at noon.  Or last Tuesday.  Or never.  But it was this afternoon, at 3pm.

It could've rained just a normal rain and then passed us by but it came down like angry nails for thirty minutes, coating everything in its path with a swirling pool of water.

The storm could've ended without any encore but this sky had other plans:

(This looked about 10x more incredible in person.)

This sky had something to say.

And I pray Anna got to "hear" it too.


Anna See said...

beautiful! our neighbors said the double rainbow was directly over our house! we were inside watching the hunger games and missed the whole thing! so glad you didn't. xoxoxo

OSMA said...

I believe it. It looked like it stretched across the entire county. Hope you got to see a bunch of the pics others posted on Momastery. It was magnificent.

Is the hunger games scary? I can't even start Gone Girl for Book Club b/c the cover freaks me out. Probably not a good candidate for Hunger Games. :)