Saturday, September 8, 2012

For Anna

One year ago a family's life was turned upside down and inside out in the worst way possible when a beautiful boy named Jack went outside to play with his friends and never came back.

His mom is Anna, a woman I now consider my friend.

My heart is so heavy for Anna, Tim, Margaret, Jack's aunt, Jack's cousins, Jack's friends, the entire world Jack had to leave behind.

I am spending the morning finding a bustling blue ribbon to place in honor of a boy who has changed so many lives forever, mine included.

Without Jack, I wouldn't believe half the things that come out of Grayson's mouth.  Jack helps me understand that sometimes kids just know.  They are connected.  They feel things adults may be too hardened or too busy to feel.       

May Jack somehow be able to connect with his family today.  On a day that must feel upside down and inside out all over again. 

We love you, Anna. 

You don't have to travel this unfamiliar road alone.


DawnGes said...

Beautiful, simply beautiful.

OSMA said...

Thank you so much, DawnGes. Yours too. I didnt leave a comment bc sometimes I feel like such a stalker but I loved your "Jack" hand. Mine was the one holding Sadie's paw. Of course, I'd bring my dogs in it somehow. :)

How are you? I've had you on my mind lately hoping you are well.