Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Facebook

Hi My Friends.

I created a Facebook page in case you wanted to chat with me, each other or just see way too many dog close-ups.  It's easier for me to load pics to a FB page than it is to this blog.  I vow to broaden my horizons beyond dogs & kids now that I have a bit free time on my hands.  Those 12 hours a week will be precious and I shall not squander in sameness.

Don't really have a master plan for the new page but since I'm on FB four million times a day, thought I could use it as a quick place to launch pictures, quick updates or show off some of my talented writer (and designer) friends from time to time.  You too, just send me your link and I will add you for all to see. 

Here's the link.  Feel free to ignore, I will never know the difference.

And I will adore you just the same.

*Apologies for those of you who might have seen variations of this post in your reader no less than 10 times.  I have a happy "Publish" trigger finger.

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