Sunday, February 19, 2012

Three Day Weekend and a Funeral

My husband is proceeding with a hermit crab memorial service as I type.

Shelldon, Grayson's hermit crab ....OMG YOU GUYS he is still alive!!!!

Andy just picked it up so the kids could say goodbye.  And he moved!  He is still miraculously alive and I am completely freaking out.  Tears streaming, arms helicoptering, just-saw-a-hermit-crab-ghost freaking out!

We have been watching this poor thing run around naked inside a tank that obviously is missing a life sustaining factor.  I've tried every combination of hermit crabby things and still, it is without shell, weak and needing the key ingredient  I am not providing.

Andy and I watched last night as Shelldon fell upside down in his water dish in what seemed like the Titanic's last breath.  Andy pulled him out of the water per my shrieking demands request and set him gently on his climbing tool otherwise known as Grayson's Spiderman toy.

What I cannot express enough here is that this hermit crab was D-E-A-D last night.  I checked on him every 30 minutes or so (because I'm crazy) just to see if maybe perchance he hadn't just kicked the bucket but he wasn't moving at all.  I mourned the loss of him in my own way.  Which is to say I cried in my pillow like a four year old after everyone else fell asleep (because I'm crazy).

I canNOT believe we have a second chance!  He is back and needing me to get my sh*t together.

So Sadie and I are on our way to the pet store to try everything we can to save Shelldon.  Anything, and I do mean ANYthing that holds on this long has got some reason to be here.  Far be it for me to assume he's not the next hermit crab to discover a cure for sponge mold.

I jest but my heart is beholden to this little purple clawed creature.  I am its only hope.

Wish me luck, you guys.

Godspeed, Shelldon.  Unless that means die.  That's not at all what I want to say.  I really should Google that.

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