Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thank You Voters

I want to take a minute to thank every single reader who voted and continues to vote for One-Sided Momma on the Circle of Moms contest (button on right column of blog):

We have remained in the mid-forties for some time now and even though it's a Top 25 contest, in my heart we made it.  You know why?

Go take a look.  As of a few minutes ago, we were listed right under Kelle Hampton's blog:  Enjoying the Small Things which as I've mentioned a few (thousand) times before is my all time favorite.  Kelle is an inspiring writer, excellent photographer, creative mom and brave fashionista.

So, I applaud you and your perseverance in helping us get to be her contest neighbor.

I'm thinking Kelle has no idea she's even nominated in this contest but the fact that we are listed next to her is pretty much the same as finding yourself sitting next to Sting in First Class on a flight to Rio. 

The contest runs March 7 but as far as I'm concerned...we win, you guys!  We may not ever make it to the Top 25 but honestly, I'm not sure that matters one bit when we all just shared peanuts and pretzels with Gordon Sumner.

Thank you, my family and my friends.  Thank for the the thrill of competing next to people I admire and moms who inspire me daily.

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