Thursday, February 16, 2012

My St. Theresa

"There are dog people and there are those other unfortunate souls." - Author Unknown

For a couple of days, I've been under the weather.  To protect myself from public ridicule and my own self loathing I will not admit to you what kind of weather I've been under.  One clue is that I am currently looking into glasses.  Even though I still have 20/20 vision.
So despite what kind of thing has ailed me, I have had one stoic reminder that no matter how idiotic I am, I have a constant caring soul who watches over me.

Her name is Sadie.


Sadie doesn't pick favorites.  She is devoted to whomever needs her.  This is evidenced by her letting Abby ring tutus around her neck and apply pink mango blush to her ears.  And I do remember a certain canine fixture on Grayson's bed after his surgery in the summer.   

Knowing this, I can only come to understand I was the one who needed her the last two days.


She didn't leave my side to go play outside with the kids and Daddy who came home early.

She didn't flinch when the door chirped with her family happily bounding inside.

She didn't even get up from her spot on my bed when it was her dinner time.  Even though I could hear her stomach growling.


I shared my dinner with her and gently kissed the top of her sweet compassionate head in thanks.

If she were a people she'd be a nurse, a doctor, or a Mother Theresa.

But I'm so glad she's a Sadie instead.

P.S.  Please forgive the blurry pictures.  I couldn't see to focus well.  There, I said it.  I couldn't SEE.  HeyZeus, I need a good ophthalmologist referral in the DC area.  Also please note the silver gum wrappers under my bed.  Not until downloading these pics did I discover Grayson's hiding spot for my (very much stolen) gum.  Little Rat.  Wonder what else is under there.  Probably a city of candy wrappers or a small village of plastic Tic Tac containers.  I shudder to think.


ries said...

So sorry about your eyes. Glad you had St. Bernard, uh, St. Teresa to give you comfort. She's a beauty.

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet little nurse she makes even without the stethoscope. <3 <3

OSMA said...

ries & Anonymous: Thanks for stopping by. Eye is better. Nurse Sadie is glad to have her Biscuit Doler Outer back up and running.