Thursday, February 9, 2012


Since Abby was born my body has never regained the energy it once had.  I just began to spell the word "once" with a "w" so it is leeching brain power as well.

Because I eat well and am not sedentary, I chalked this slump up to hormones changing and sorting themselves out.

It's been 3 years.  Hormones done changed. Hormones done sorted.

It was time to investigate why all the slothy slothiness.

 (Maybe someone should throw away all the sleepy gray clothes?)

Many of you may not know this about me (or care) but I'd rather write a 1,500 page paper instead of take pills.  Even little slippery coated pills.  Hate it.  My throat closes, stomach heaves and before I know it I'm having flashbacks of Studio 54.  Just kidding, I never dry heave.

But all the foggy tired was seriously getting on my nerves.

So I killed my inner pill hater and tried B12s.


Just like that, I'm alive again.

Not sure what's in those things but you will see me on Dateline chasing down those B12 underground societies should the FDA ever decide they're naughty.

I'll be the blurred out shadowy figure saying, "I know it's wrong have children, you understand, Chris Hansen...I need them. My family needs them."

For the record, I'm also working out three times a week and I'm sure that's helping too but I noticed the biggest difference immediately after taking the B12s.

I wonder what's next.   Zinc?  Iron supplements?  Fish Oil?

Nah, I'm feeling so good these days thanks to my new little yellow friends that I think we'll stop here for now.

Why tweak the perfect recipe?

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