Monday, February 27, 2012

Hungry for Green

I tried to sleep the weekend away but the sun wouldn't let me.  Sweet snippets of clear skies and warm rays pushing through the cold are making me so hungry for spring.  Like a seasonal teaser to get us interested in buying into the whole idea.  I'm in, spring.  Hook, line and sinker.

Last week we spent a lot of time tooling around outside which I am thankful for because today we are on the couches, curling up like puppies for body heat.  Three out of the four of us have now have Abby's stomach bug.  Andy's the only one free from Pepto pills so far.  He should find a BOQ to stay in to save himself and his belly. 

This too shall pass.  And when it does, I will miss days in my pjs with guilt-free TV and Girl Scout cookies that has been nothing but a welcome retreat. 

Until then, I'll be looking around for more hints that spring isn't that far off.

Hints being dropped by the buckets.

Buckets, I tell ya.



 This guy came along, sat down on a bench, and produced the most magical Gaelic songs with his flute.
It was the best soundtrack for an afternoon in the sun.  I hastened my nagging desire to request "My Heart Will Go On," with making sure all the fish Grayson and Abby caught were thrown back in.

They were.

Are you hungry for green too?


JRitz said...

Beautiful pictures. And I am right there with you - come on Spring!

Anonymous said...

Love "Spring 3-D" so much! <3 <3

OSMA said...

Thank u so much JRitz and Anonymous, I'm going back to macro lens soon so we will see what happens.