Sunday, February 19, 2012

And the Nominees are...

We take this break from resuscitating Shelldon to let you know I'm in my first blog contest you guys! It's not to gain readership or to make money. Which is fitting because I don't do either up in here. It's strictly for recognizing a little ole mommy blog for having an inspiring family.

Our family trials may be small and our tribulations minuscule in comparison to who else is nominated so don't be disappointed (Mom) if we don't rank many votes; there are some incredibly inspiring blogs there. My favorite is nominated and if you don't find us particularly awesome, please go check Nella, Lainey, and Kelle out at

So, if any of you have ever felt inspired by our little family of four, (Five with Sadie. Six as of now since Shelldon is making a seriously impressive comeback.) please feel free to click the button here below. You have to scroll down (a lot...we are number 71) until you see a pic of Abby stomping in mud next to the title of this blog: One-Sided Paw Paw. Just kidding. Seeing who is still awake. One-Sided Momma is our name, aiming to entertain is our game.

Or go vote for Kelle Hampton's blog: Enjoying the Small Things as I happen to be obsessed with her entire life. She deserves the votes based on Nella's edible cuteness alone.

Thank you all for reading any of us. All of us. Two of us and The Huffington Post. Whatever. Thank you.

Now, back to check on the Comeback King who should hopefully be moving into a new shell and shopping for draperies.

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