Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Surprise Day

We still have a week before preschool breathes new life into my kids and into me.

Today I told them we are having a Surprise Day after they get dressed.

I have no idea what to do so am upstairs stalling, trying to come up with a new destination that will deliver excitement and at least three hours outside of our house.

We have visited all petting zoos and botanical gardens, train rides and playgrounds. They've been good sports during errand running and Back to School clothes shopping. We have painted every recycled bottle and egg carton morphing them into bud vases and hair clippy cemeteries. I simply cannot stomach another pool day.

Looks like we are headed to the nearest walking trail to cleanup fallen limbs and branches. "Surprise kids, we are cleaning up The Hundred Acre Wood today, SURPRISE!"

Abby will lose her mind and hyperventilate in anticipation of meeting her fictional boy crush, Christopher Robin. Grayson will heave himself to the ground and ask for spinner bait. Sadie will high paw me and plunge her thick lab body into the brown amoeba water.

I should probably pack some quarters for Chuck E. Cheese, huh?

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