Monday, August 29, 2011

Post Hurricane Calm

Along with the entire east coast, I spent from Thursday on preparing for Hurricane Irene.  

Andy took Friday off to spend time at home with us and thankfully that gave me enough time to buy everything left at Giant.  We even have that disgusting inedible Orange drink they sell by the gallon.  Probably two if I'm being honest.  

To say I pressed the panic button is a lie, I trampolined on that sucker for over three hours.  

Thankfully, the worst thing the Hurricane did to our neighborhood was leave us without power for half a night and half a day.  While inconvenient at worst, this was not really so awful at all.  

The best thing about Hurricane Irene was that she brought my brother, sister-in-law, my nephew, and their dogs over to our house for the night.  It was a little house filled up with warmth, conversation, and a hilarious Adam Sandler movie called Grown Ups.

I had so much fun I actually felt a little guilty reading what others were experiencing on Friday and Saturday and parts of Sunday (New York, New Jersey?).  

Hopefully, wherever you are, you have your power on and your trees still standing.  Also, I really hope you didn't have to resort to the orange flavored jungle juice.  We never did.  Our gastric system thanks us all.

After the clouds parted yesterday, we took the kids to a nearby pond so Grayson could finally go fishing.  He loves it more than sword fighting or chocolate chip pancakes.  If that's even possible.


Meanwhile, the girls kept themselves busy with some newly acquired doll house stuff (Thanks, Joanne!) and a fallen tree limb (Thanks, Irene!)

I like how even the tree got tucked in to the bathtub. (Safest place on the tarmac, Yo.)  EVERYbody's goin night night when Abby's in charge.  Good call, Abs.


The sun felt so good and beamed down on us with her starry starry fingers.

Just the thing to give me pause at the end of a stressfilled but somehow very meaningful weekend.

I am thankful for the natural disorder of things (earthquakes, hurricanes, no power, oh my) because that reminds me to stop taking my luxuries for granted.

And to remember how good the sun feels when it comes out after the rain.

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