Sunday, August 14, 2011

No Popsicle, Just a Fruitable

Patient Update:
Recovery is going very well for the amount of stuff happening in Grayson's throat. I peeked in there today after Dr. T had a look himself and I almost had to sit back down. I'm tough like that. Will spare you the visual...suffice it to say there are two rather large tree frogs where his tonsils and adenoids once lived. No wonder the poor little guy's main food is still Jell-O and vanilla pudding. Nothing else can get past the tree frogs.

Here he is, tonsil-free, adenoid-free, and the proud new owner of ear tubes. This video was taken yesterday and he's a lot better this afternoon. Still camping out in his pjs but so am I. There will be no video of that. I'm a terrific editor.

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JRitz said...

Glad he is on the mend.

Julie, an official blogger... said...

so happy that today was better for him. tomorrow will be better than today...what a brave, good boy!! thinking of you guys as you lounge around in your pj's :)