Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pet Smart

Grayson gets ear tubes put in and his tonsils and adenoids taken out in a few days.  Because this is going to be a stretch of suck for him, we are looking into getting him a distraction in the way of a new pet.

He votes hermit crab because his cousin Landon has a couple. He has been coveting the idea since he laid his hungry little eyes on them.

Abby votes a new princess wand, but she would.

I vote ... moving to a farm so we can have some of these:


and this:

But we all know the truth.  Five days after the novelty of a new hermit crab, turtle, water dragon, lionhead bunny, fish, or Min Pin wears off, it will be all this: 

Me wearing the farmer's hat (or in this case a Styrofoam safari hat), cleaning out dung beetles and warding off elephant flies.
Stay tuned.  We're going today to find something for the little swollen tonsiled boy.

Perhaps an ice cream maker would be the best beast to choose?

Do they still make shaved ice slushee makers?

*P.S.  I have no idea why the background is suddenly so very lime green.  I tweaked a few things last night and wound up making some blog scars so I hope to fix them soon.  Also, what do you all think of going to a lighter background?  Would that make it easier to read?  I love all the color but today it's VERY GREEN ISN'T IT?


Anonymous said...

I vote keep it green! Lime, tweaked or otherwise. <3 <3

OSMA aka Acousticly said...

All right, one vote green...got it! Thanks for voting.

JRitz said...

Good luck to Grayson and his parents.

As for a pet how about a puppy? Sadie could help care for it:)

P.S. I vote for green aslo - very spring like:)

OSMA aka Acousticly said...

Thanks, JRitz. Procedure is over an hour and I'm wondering if I can hold my breath that long.

About the puppy...we came close with holding a Min Pin two days ago. So very close. Grayson even named her. Laura!

Two votes for keeping it green. One more and it stays.