Friday, August 19, 2011


Would you believe me if I told you I had nothing to do with this slumber party? 

After she assembled everyone according to who they wanted to cozy up with, she spent the next 5 minutes kissing each and every one on their foreheads and whispering something between only her and them. 

Then she announced to me that I was not going to be rocking her tonight because she was she was a mommy and not a little girl anymore.

And of course I dragged Nonie upstairs to see all of this so she could die a thousand sweet deaths herself.  

I'm happy to report, they all made it through the night on the floor. 

Even the mommy.


Julie, an official blogger... said...

I love this! Audrey does it all the time! Girls are so funny, very maternal. She'll make a great mommy :)

OSMA said...

I can picture Audrey doing the exact same thing, she is already an amazing little guardian of sorts. Amazing how little girls can be intrinsically interested in caring for others even while they themselves are so young.

If Abby doesn't have children before she's 25, she's going to have a boatload of puppies or kittens or something to tuck in goodnight. Just hope it's not a row of boyfriends. I do drawn the line somewhere :\

pajama mom said...

she is so awesome!