Sunday, August 7, 2011

Adoring Ava

Remember my friend, Julie? She is the mom of a baby girl going through a bone marrow transplant. Her older daughter, Audrey, is her donor.

Audrey and Ava have both already undergone extensive hospital stays, tests, blood transfusions (Ava), and bone marrow surgery (both).

Baby Ava, is undergoing chemotherapy in the hospital right now as we speak.

Here is link to her blog named Adoring Ava that she just started about their journey. Please stop over and share some love. I'm already a permanent fixture over there and Julie is expecting us, no worries.

Julie and her husband, Drew take turns staying at Ava's bedside in the hospital. It is a small room with very little distraction for a worried mom so she welcomes virtual visitors from all over. Plus, through this entire nightmare for her and her beautiful family, Julie is still the funniest girl I know.

Thank you for being in their corner. There is no better corner around.


Anonymous said...

Been reading Julie's fascinating blog. Will leave a comment as soon as I can bypass Google somehow :/ She is definitely pulling out her courage and putting it down in words. Ava is such a cute baby and having to go through so much so young. Heart rending journey for sure, but Julie is finding all the bright spots along the way to share with others. And she can write! <3 <3

OSMA aka Acousticly said...

Yes, she and her girls are exactly what you said. I will make sure to show her your comment since Google has blocked you effectively ;). You Internet rebel, you. <3