Thursday, June 2, 2011

Home Sweet Lake House

Our little family vacation was the best we've ever had.

It was also the only one we've ever had but who's counting.

Without too many intrusive verbosities, I wanted to share some highlights of our time at the cabin in the woods.

But there are so many that I cannot choose.

So instead, here is a mosaic of our days.

Rest assured, there are only 953 more images to narrate if these don't tickle your fancy.

You probably wish I were kidding.


Hello Little home away from home. We have missed you so.

The fish cannot say the feelings are mutual, however.

But the dogga was mighty happy.

And somewhere Jimmy Buffet was smiling.

(while karma was giggling - he was trying to get me and soaked himself in the process.)

I call this one Alice in Wonderland.
..even if she is more of a Penelope Rose.

Can you spot the blond bombshell?

We are so lucky to have this place to run to.

To play in.

To smile about.

To explore around.

To love simply and without makeup.

To reconnect.

I am so very lucky.


The Palmer Family said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing. So glad you guys are enjoying some quality time. And in such a beautiful place.

Love and miss you. Thought of you all over the Memorial Day weekend. Said a pray for you all in church. Thanks for all of your sacrifices.

We'll have to have a phone date soon. Will you guys be visiting your Dad this summer? Would love to have you all visit us here. I'll be up in NoVa sometime over this summer and will definitely stop by.

Miss you!


PS - Love seeing your handwriting! It's very comforting and warms my heart! I know, very weird! I guess it just reminds me of all of our note passing back in the day.

Cristie Ritz King, M. Ed said...


pajama mom said...

just yay!

Anonymous said...

loving these photos! Pop posted some new birdie pics on his facebook page - they will be ready to fly soon!

JRitz said...

So much fun and the pictures are amazing. And as always thanks for sharing your world, it always makes me smile!

One Sided Momma said...

thank you guys SO much for stopping in and leaving comments. they make my day and help me feel not so foolish for taking hundreds of photos that i just cannot edit to save my life. very happy to share with you all, my friends. xoxo