Thursday, June 30, 2011

Doctor Doctor

It took us four hours to get out of the house to buy groceries yesterday. One of those hours was spent with me "under the knife" in a mock surgery with Drs. Abigail and Grayson. I was a good patient as bobby pins grazed my eardrums and nail clippers slid across my belly. The best part was when Dr. Abigail combed my hair to remove all the booboos. I will put booboos in my hair for that kind of spa treatment any day of the week, I was in heaven. Dr. Grayson had the best bedside manner, however, as he brought a Dixie cup of ice water and a granola bar to help with the "making Mommy all better" portion of the treatment. I had the best gurney in the house until someone unveiled a Spiderman ice pack and stuck it down my shirt. Game over. Operation complete.

Today, we had a similar procedure but this time the patient was Sadie and she deserves more than a granola bar for her role In the sick bay. Denver The Guilty Dog may have style but our Sadie has more patience than humanly or canine-ly possible. Watch for yourself...Sadie's Sick Day

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JRitz said...

I know I'm late to respond to this - was away for a week - but i just coudn't resist.

God bless Sadie - she has to be the most sweetest, most patient dog I've ever seen. I know for sure poor Dr Abby & Dr Grayson would not have had as much luck with my dog:)