Monday, May 30, 2011


I had tequila yesterday for the first time in ... oh ... probably since wearing my Lilith Fair T-shirt, or more specifically, wearing it when it fit. The husband and I had an impromptu outing to a restaurant sans dependents and it was grand. I ordered the second one in the glow of the first and felt tipsy before it arrived. It had the potential to get ugly. I had the potential to get ugly but cut myself off at the rum saturated cherry stem. My poor husband winced a bit while I chair danced (or swayed against the beat if remember correctly) to Cee Lo's Forget You and mumbled out all the wrong lyrics while the responsible one paid the bill.

Super fun and a small victory for a mom who has a hard time unwinding lately.

I strongly recommend the Dirty Mai Tai for the squeaky clean mom.

Just make sure you can stop at the speared pineapple chunk if you start to feel the Rhythm of the Night in your shoulders. Otherwise you too may have to sleep with a Spiderman blanket wrapped around your head until sobering up well enough to take your children to a local carnival.

Let's just say Mommy did not ride the Tea Cups that night.


JRitz said...

Good for you. A hard earned day of over doing it:)

Sara Said So said...

HAHAHAHA Ah, good for you. :-)

pajama mom said...

-big shoe dance-

One Sided Momma said...

girls, we have all earned it. just need to collect a little more often probably. :)