Saturday, June 4, 2011

From the Middle

There was an article I read a while ago that matched your personality type with how you read a book. I wish I could remember what it said but will assume it probably can't bode well when you start in the middle and fan out either side like a new juicy gossip magazine.

This read pictured above? I finally had a chance to pour through it at the cabin and it was so much better than any article about weight loss or blinding pics of Kim Kardashian's new engagement ring.

(Thank you again FamGossGirl.)

So, tell me, how do you read your books? When do you read your books? What is on your list of must haves and would you pay money for Steven Tyler's new memoir: Does the Noise in My Head Bother You? Don't tell my husband, but he's getting that for his birthday. He and I fell in love with the frontman's Riddler style on American Idol this season and I think Hubs will crack up when he opens up to find Mister Tyler's sunglassed mug on his birthday. If not, someone else (c'est moi?!) just might have to read it before it hits the donation pile.


pajama mom said...

front to back,
every single page.
have been known
to peek at the end

i would love to read the article
if you ever come across it again!

OSMA said...

i will look for it, pj. it did have interesting results.