Wednesday, June 8, 2011


"Blow on your toes and that will dry them, Honey."

Everything's possible.


DJ Pecor said...

TOOOOO tooooo TOOOOO cute!!!!! Ahhhhh, to be young and flexible. I'm happy to reach my toes, let alone... (not that they're ever in need of being blowed upon.)

Love and miss each of you with my whole heart and then some....


JRitz said...

She is too cute!

pajama mom said...

are those jeggings?

Andy said...

That's just too cute!

OSMA said...

dj - we love and miss you too. july 4th plans?

jritz - thank you!

pj - yes. she doesn't like jeans either!

andy - thank you and HI! how's summer going?