Monday, June 13, 2011


There is lots to chat about but my mind is numbed with The Drowsies today. Always best to keep it light when that's the case. In an effort to keep from pontificating badly on the merits of cotton over synthetic fibers or diatribing heinously about the Ahhhh Bra (getting one, btw!), I'm stealing something I saw on someone else's blog. Can't remember who, can't remember where so thank you, Mystery Internetter, for posting something fun and covetable.

Things You May Not (Want to) Know About Me:

  • only chew with the left side of my mouth
  • will curl up like a hamster on our carpet in the last window of daylight, with or without Sadie
  • have contemplated buying seat covers (kitchen chairs - maybe $35.00?) for a year or more but just bought the same exact shirt as the seven others just like it in the same exact berry pink color
  • return clothes (weekly, ahem) instead of waiting in line to try them on in the first place
  • now realize Bermuda shorts make me look like that Phi Sig guy
  • took our pet Betta fish on vacation with us
  • refuse to wear black
  • refuse less vehemently to wear white
  • think white sandals are terrible. They illogically give me the Heebie Jeebies.
  • do not go to the mall. Ever.
  • is proud of my stubborn streak - It reminds me of my grandfather.
  • is currently sporting an unforgivable/early 80's side bang mullet fiasco until it grows out
  • always get my hair cut just when it's starting to look long even though long hair is all I've wanted since the 7th grade.
  • don't feel almost 40
  • don't feel anything after 4:00pm
  • am still just as freaking tired as before The Major got home
  • am still just as freaking thankful and happy The Major got home
  • am super decisive ... until my husband walks into the room (?!?!? Seriously, I don't get it.)
  • daydream quite often of becoming a vet tech on the weekends just so I don't have to plan anything for the weekends involving children, menu, or parenting in general.
  • have flirted with caffeine lately
  • try to eat a rainbow of food daily but still have trouble with red
  • have decided to make a (month or two worth) box of food for storage "just in case"
  • read the news and hear reports about the Great Great Depression ahead of us which makes me want to run to Switzerland and milk cows
  • have found Abigail to be a natural hoarder
  • have found Grayson to be a natural naturalist, except for dogs. I know - the DNA results are inconclusive
  • rock Abby much longer than she really needs just to feel her little warm body in my arms
  • tickle Grayson much longer than he really needs just to get him to laugh that little crazy chipmunk laugh
  • have many years to go but wells up with tears every time an empty nester talks about her empty nest
  • have saturated my desire to take pictures well
  • now obsess over taking them artfully
  • cannot stand anything touching the area above my chest and below my neck
  • will harm you if you put anything freezing on my skin because you think it's funny
  • love socks (white ones!)
  • need hot chocolate to be nice
  • want to make you laugh
  • hope for sunshine
  • pray for rain
  • want to be a nurse, farm hand, dog whisperer, professor, photographer, columnist, welder, lounge singer, therapist, and glass blower when I grow up
  • would move, right now, to BRAVOwood if it existed


JRitz said...

Ooh BRAVOwood now thats a place I could live:)

OSMA said...

we could be suitemates, next to andy cohen and padma :)

pajama mom said...

if i've said it once,
i've said it a thousand times,
soul sistas!

p.s. although i look kickin' in black - in my mind.