Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Down on The Claude Moore Colonial Farm

Today I am back on the horse. Some time between last night's good sleep and this morning's gift of being awakened after 6pm, I found my game face.

Drove myself and the kids to Claude Moore Colonial Farm after breakfast and we had a fantastic time! I highly recommend going because how often can you go back in time (1771 to be exact), tromp around on someone else's farm, watch as they tend to their tobacco crops and chicken coup while also blowing the entire charade by taking pictures with your cell phone? All the farm workers were dressed the part and completely ensconced in their character. We met "Mary" who was barefoot because shoes were so expensive yet donning about eight layers of clothing because, well, apparently skin was not in 239 years ago. Then we met Mary's "aunt" down the path who was boiling up home grown potatoes, onions, cabbage, and gnocchi. Just kidding about the gnocchi although I really wanted to slip her a case of Lawry's Seasoned salt to blow her mind. She was so into her character that after letting us handle some puffs of wool they traded with fresh vegetables (wool people got the short stick if you ask me) she politely inquired to Grayson whether or not we kept sheep on our farm. He was mute. I could hear his brain though and it said, "No dammit, we do not have sheep on our farm. We don't even have a freaking farm. Hey Mom, you have some explaining to do."

Awesome, "Mary's" "aunt", thanks a whole lot. Now I want sheep and a farm.

I felt like a cross between Laura Ingalls' distant time traveling cousin and Roseanne Barr. It was all lovely strange, oddly charming, and amazingly peaceful. I seriously want to go back tomorrow but this time bring my lap saw and wooden mallet so I can play too.

Our Day on the Farm:

Grayson finds geese with his trusty Diego -wait, maybe Dora?- like map.

Abby & Grayson peek at livestock. Grayson has death grip on his new BFF, The Map.

Livestock mentioned one sentence ago. Hogs are kind of cute if you ask me. Godzilla is kind of cute if you ask me so I'm not entirely reputable on this topic.

A 1771 potato, onion, cabbage with no salt throw down. Complete with pecky chickens.

Abby lost in thought. Actually something was in her shoe but it made for a poetic picture.

Woolly and wild berries. We didn't eat any or we didn't eat any on purpose more accurately.

Christopher Columbus & his muse.

The coveted spotting of a milk cow. Or a bull? Does a milk cow have horns? Can a cow who must be a girl cow to produce milk have horns or should I retake 7th grade biology?

Grayson totally looks like Pop here. The uncanniness is killing me. Abby's bored. That's funny too for multiple reasons.

About face.

Wandering back the path on which we came.

"What's in here?"

Hopefully a seamstress.

And a shoesmith.

Speaking of which...I love this parting shot because those are my husband's flip flops and today is his birthday. I wore them all day long in homage of him because that's how I roll. It's like wearing his T shirt to bed but the married-less-romantic-kind-of-gross-b/c it's feet-version of sweet. Happy Birthday Honey, I walked in your shoes all day. Now go mow the grass.


JRitz said...

Welcome back. Once again you and your kids made me smile. Got a kick out of the difference between the two. Grayson so serious about exporing and Abby just worried about the fashion:)

Oh and Happy Birthday to One-sided Mommas hubby.

One Sided Momma said...

thanks for stopping by, jritz!

you're so right - these two kids have been different since Day 1. we have a mug w/their pictures that reads: Night (Grayson)& Day (Abby)

also, thank you for the bday wishes for hubby. will pass them along this evening!