Monday, April 26, 2010

On Sunday We "Rest"

Highlight of the weekend was our trip to the DC Zoo on Sunday. We went with friends who are very easy going and nice to be around. They have a darling little guy who is almost three so while none of us made it long enough to see the bears or the elephants, nobody seemed to mind.

We did see one majestic lion perched up high like Lord of the Land. Chilling to be in his presence actually. We also were lucky enough to:

  • Catch a glimpse of an alligator snacking on a chicken leg.
  • Sit motionless as one tiger drank reverently from his pond. Very cool if you're three or thirty three.
  • Make cutesy sounds at the prairie dogs.
  • Spend an hour or so in ReptileWorld peering through glass to see things slither, swim, and make themselves look like moss on trees or leaves that blink.
  • Stand around the farm watching donkeys and cows until Bessy unloaded a "mudpie" two feet in front of us. We figured that was as good a parting song as any and packed up to go home. Unfortunately, my pictures are all trapped in my camera phone until I learn how to get them out. Until then, here are a couple I completely heisted from our friends' photo album (Thanks, D!).

(Abby showing off for her new and extremely dashing friend. )


pajama mom said...


One Sided Momma said...

oh dear Lord don't get me started on that poor girl's hair. we've been trying to "grow it out" since the dawn of time. it's stick straight and grows (of course she takes after her mother here) FORWARD with zero natural part. so we're left w/suffering through the mullet years. oh, also? she eats all bows, hair ties, and barrettes. as in goes through her intestinal tract eats so we love that too. ugh. what did you do w/your girls' hair at this stage?

Crystal D said...

I want to do the zoo this weekend but it looks like rain, rain, rain. I miss being able to pop in the National Zoo whenever we wanted. Love that place.

Crystal D said...

Oh... and on the above comments... we are growing out Amelia's bangs and I have given her "puppy dog" hair for the last 6 months. I pull her bangs into tiny ponytails and she looks like a shih tzu. Charlotte is a disaster. I try to pull hers back, but she rips it out as soon as I put it in. I had to buy big bows because I know she would eat the little ones.

pajama mom said...

with m we did bangs until around 3-4, then grew them out in time for kindergarten. she had the cutest cut all one length right at her jawline.

k's are almost grown out now. she likes headbands and bows, anything girly.

mine never ate bows, that is just weird! :D

pajama mom said...

p.s. we also had the forward hair, it was very hard to train.

One Sided Momma said...

crystal - it's been yrs. since i was there too & i forget how huge it is so we missed 1/2. and i love the shih tzu comparison. saw the pics, however and those puppy tails are precious!! gonna try here, will post pics of attempts.

pj -met a lady w/3 girls at the park today. all had short hair; one w/all same length - so cute!, the others (twins, 2 yrs.) little bobs w/bangs. seems the training of hair takes a few years. grr.