Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Martin Sexton

Here's the superbly talented artist I got to see on Friday night with a dear friend of mine who stood (standing room only) for three hours straight on a hard cement floor that smelled like blue cheese. Once he opened up his mouth, however, nobody noticed the smell as our ears were in heaven and we were all transported to a very. happy. place. It's honestly church for people who don't attend one on Sunday. He's the soulfood for lost souls.

God bless you, Martin Sexton. You happy me up every time. If he comes to your town, don't think about it, just buy tickets and see him. He'd hate me for saying this (willing to bet my mommy blog is not on his radar so we're safe) but please ignore the first 4 songs he'll play as they are new and not (in my bold opinion) of the same caliber as his typical church revival energy tracks from his first two CDs. Sorry I didn't take any audio to go along with this picture but I wasn't looking forward to the escort out of the building. It was hard enough to get in (ticket SNAFU).

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