Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just Another Photo Easter Editorial

(This is me distracting you because I still haven't finished that post on love languages. After all the hype here, you're going to hate it. It may as well go straight to DVD. Maybe we'll just forget I ever mentioned it and leave it for internet mice.)

Since there are roughly 215 digital pictures of Easter 2010 being held hostage in my camera, I thought I'd pick just a few to capture our weekend with family. It will probably go down as one of the best Easters we've ever had. Mimi and PopPop mailed goodies, baskets and books personally signed by Max & Ruby. The kids hunted eggs for 72 hours. Nammy & Pop boiled, dyed, and rehid Easter eggs until they got sulfur poisoning. Grandma Nonie, Grandpa T, and Uncle Matt brought along even more goodies to play with while I leisurely drank my weight in mimosas. I couldn't picture a better way to spend a Sunday.

Hope your weekend was spectacular as well!

The view from below a neighborhood tree.
I dig spring.

Starting the holiday weekend off right.

(Starting the holiday weekend off wrong.)

Grayson finds his first hidden egg on Sunday morning.

Abby's turn.

Oh, that Easter Bunny thought he was so clever with the hiding spots this year.

Abby settles in for a nice healthy breakfast of chocolate and peanut butter bunny legs. With some foil for added measure.

Grayson faired well in his quest to find 10 Easter eggs at the local Easter Egg Hunt.

Trying out the camera timer. Resting precariously on the passenger side mirror. Which almost drove Pop to drink heavily before 10am. Note: Check out Dennis the Menace's goofy face and what he's holding...hold that thought.

Before. Glider now cocked and in the ready position.

After!. You can't buy better shots than this one, I don't care who y'are.

Someone's pissed he can't launch his glider inside the restaurant.

Someone else kind of likes it when her brother is in trouble.

Someone else's droopy right eyelid is showing that this isn't her first glass.

I know. OCD runs deeply in our veins, poor child. Step awaaaay from the glider

and towaaaard the Hair Cuttery.

"Anyone seen my glasses?"

Sleep tight, Easter Princess.

The obligatory family photo with obligatory doggie bumhole.


Brian said...

What a fantastic photo blog! I enjoyed all the pics, but the last is great. Just crop the doggie bumhole out! lol!

One Sided Momma said...

t - thanks, i'm so glad you enjoyed it. i'm going picture crazy lately, i know but i'll calm down for a while now that the holidays are behind us. and i'm not sure i want to crop boogiedawg out, privates or not. :)