Thursday, April 8, 2010


Last night we picked up Aunt Jen from the metro station. (She's staying with us while she commutes in to DC for a class.) She very sweetly offered to buy everyone dessert. My husband offered up Cold Stone Creamery. I silently weighed triple chocolate fudge against cookie dough until I realized neither was going to happen because numerous Cadbury eggs have been successfully lifted and snarfed from both children's baskets since Sunday. Falling off the caffeine wagon hurts. You wouldn't believe all the bruises.

Maybe because my van was reacting to the natural gravitational pull of fast food and immediate positive reinforcement, we slide up to the McDonald's drive thru instead of Cold Stone.

"Whaddayou want for dessert, Bud?"

Grayson touches his chin to inspire an exact response. "Ummmmm, a chocolate milk, up bread (the top of a cheeseburger sans meat or condiment), Happy Meal, french fries, chocolate milkshake and a vanilla latte for Mommy. Large."

Nobody said a word but I could feel all eyebrows lifting in unison around the suddenly very awkward and quiet van.


You should see all these bruises.


pajama mom said...

lol! mine cry if i ask them to "share" their fries with me. snarf-snarf!

One Sided Momma said...

that's why you gotta feed them in the car - you "drop" a few fries in the main bag, then pass the little bags to the backseat. :) i'm here for you.