Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stir in Some Crazy

(Yes, that's a child's knife Grayson's using to diabolically draw some sort of blueprint in the carpet. Don't worry. It was clean.)

Okay people, we are officially going stir crazy here. I know that because after listening to WTOP's roof collapsing advisory (because we're 90) my husband, Grayson, Abby and I are having conversations like this:

Lunch Time at Kitchen Table-

Me: Honey, should we worry about our roof?

Grayson: (alarmed) What did you said to Daddy?

Husband: Ummm. Hmmm.

Me: (Oh My God. We're all gonna die.)

Husband: Well...

Grayson: What Daddy? What is it? What Daddy? What is...?

Interrupting Me: Maybe we should worry about our roof.

Grayson: Mommy? Are you going to worry Daddy on our roof? What is it?

Husband: Did you know, that is a specialized field? There are certain sized pieces of lumber that are specifically designed to go on roofs in that region of the world. Say, like our roof....


Me: What was that, Honey? Do you think they put special lumber on our roof?

Grayson? What is it? MOMMY!? WHAT IS PESHILE LUMBR?

Husband: Well, like in arid areas they would put....


Me: (Oh My God. What day is it? How long have we been in here?) Honey. I can't hear you. I stopped hearing you somewhere between Grayson freaking out and Abby speaking Lebanese. I'm so sorry.

Husband: Look, I see the sun!

Grayson: Mommy, what is LebChinese?

Me: Awesome. Peanut butter in your ears, Abby. How does that even happen?


(Warning: Do NOT click on this picture or else you'll never be able to eat Ramen Noodles ever again. Trust me here.)


pajama mom said...

great, now i'm worried about my roof too.

One Sided Momma said...

sorry pj. there are people you can call to come check things out for you before either of you crawl up a ladder to survey. honestly, around here the thing to worry about more are the icicles b/c somehow (i don't know how b/c i wasn't listening) they lead to cracks in your ceiling if you're not careful to knock 'em all down. now if you become impaled by a 4 ft icicle, i'll never forgive myself. be careful.