Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Can you see them? Look closer. Yes, that really is superhero underwear on Grayson's wall. At least they are freshly washed and just out of the dryer. All completely and utterly his idea, I only provided the height and a few thumbtacks. Who knows, it's so odd that maybe it'll work and really, I am so tickled that he is thinking outside the box to get himself back to sleeping in his own room. We've had him as our insomniatic roommate for weeks now and although I would kill gorillas for this child, I really do miss sleeping without a tiny elbow in my clavicle. Sweet dreams little underwearless child, don't let the Spiderman bite.


Crystal D said...

Oh my gosh he is going to die when you tell this story when he is 17. LOL I love it though.
Amelia sneaks into our room sometime (last night) and she seems to do it when I am so exhausted I have no energy to fight her on it. But the thing is, it is impossible to sleep with an Amelia in your bed. She is the worst sleeping companion ever. I'd let her hang her underwear in the living room if it kept her in her own bed.

pajama mom said...

best. mom. ever.
p.s. LOVE the bumblebee poster.

One Sided Momma said...

crystal- good point! i always forget i'm collecting some real blackmail here :)

and it sounds like it's impossible to get any sleep with a grayson and an amelia in the midst no matter how daggone sneaky they are.

pj- thank you so much but i am so far from it in reality. it's easy to only write about the things i want to remember on here. if i were being well rounded honest i'd post about how today i kept walking out of the room that my children kept walking into just to get some "space." :( and then dismanlted our cuisinart w/my bare hands all the while hurling some colorful words at it (lid was stuck) while the sweet innocents tried to eat their snack 3 feet from me. :( so NOT the best mom but thank you for the
compliment just the same.

Jessica said...

This should be in your wallet if a cute waitress ever waits on you when he's 15.

One Sided Momma said...

jessica- you're good. that's brilliant.