Friday, February 5, 2010

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Would you believe I cooked this gorgeous pot of gold? Oh so deeelish, if I say so myself and perfect for a snowed in weekend (32 inches, WHAT?!?). Thank you PJ, for introducing me to The Pioneer Woman. Because of her site, I've been able to cook a few new meals for my family without breaking out into hives over long winded recipes and instructions. Ree's recipes are authentic and wholesome with from-the-earth ingredients that make me feel like I don't have two left thumbs while preparing. Halfway through making this soup, I actually felt I could kick butt at a Quickfire challenge should Padma ever come a'knockin. So even if you're not a true foodie, go check her out for inspiration, new ideas, or an amusing (oh yeah, she's funny in addition to being a spectacular photographer) pictorial walkthrough of her recipes. The most amazing part? Grayson who has subsisted on fruit chews and Goldfish crackers for two years straight has eaten everything of hers that I have made. That alone could make me weep in my soup. But I won't because Ree's recipe only calls for a skoshe of salt.


Jessica said...

I will be making this on Sunday because of this post. It really is a gorgeous pot of gold!

pajama mom said...

YAY! i love me some ree food! her chicken parm rocks also!

have you read her love story yet?

pajama mom said...

p.s. i've dropped some major hintage on wanting her cookbook for v-day. i'll keep you posted.

One Sided Momma said...

jessica- cool! it won't disappoint. my mom's actually making it this weekend too. :) let me know how it turned out for you. p.s. don't use sea salt if you can help it.

pj- i will definitely try her chickparm. husband wants to do an 8 week "cut the fat" program, starting soon, and i'm all, "but i just found ree!" :( oh well. and nope, haven't read her love story yet but will check that out too. also? my fingers are crossed for your vday gift. it's the gift that keeps on giving, i'm sure.

pajama mom said...

have tissues! a great read for a snowy weekend.

the hint went something like this, "either buy me her book or her camera."


pajama mom said...

sorry - last time - today anyway.

when you click on the love story link, go over to the side where it says "black heels" then choose the complete saga.

that way you won't have to click on each chapter separately. that's what i did and it took forever.

Monica said...

Is this the one labeled chicken and noodles?

One Sided Momma said...

thanks pj, i appreciate the shortcut.

monica- i believe so. i'll check.