Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blogged Down

Hi Guys. Forgive me for the anemic posts of videos and pictures this week. Am finding it difficult to make free time enough for my usual verbosities here. We're shopping for preschools and believe me, do I have some stories for you so stay tuned on that front. Who knew that visiting a couple of preschools could open up opportunities outside of just preschool?

In the meantime, I was able to download some pictures from our Valentine's Day weekend and wanted to share. Hope to be back on the talkative train tomorrow. Thanks for not giving up on us here at One-Sided, we appreciate it!

Here's The Husband with Briana at the cell phone kiosk. Had to document the exact moment we stepped into the 21st century. I made this his screen saver.

Ah yes, the ever popular long-armed self portrait. We look like we haven't slept well since 1975. Probably true.

Here's that awesome restaurant we literally stumbled into to get out of the cold. I still have warm fuzzies about this place.

Here's a random alley we saw on our way through town. Celebrating the fact I could take pictures with a phone.

One of the many boutiques in which we tried to browse only. Unsuccessfully.

What was for dinner Saturday night.

A nice reminder that we are not always the most important thing going.

The most important thing going.

And the reason we came home before noon on Sunday (when our loving and most generous Nammy & Pop sitters were not leaving until noon on Monday.)


pajama mom said...

cute hat!

Tracy G said...

PJ, I was thinking the same thing!

Jessica said...

Love the pics! And anemic post as you called them (GREAT name for them, by the way) are essential! It can't all be meat and potatoes!

One Sided Momma said...

pj and t - thank you ladies! got it from one of the boutiques there and wore it all day like i was 12.

jessica - thank you! i very much enjoy your pics too. digby is almost as photogenic as your little one. :)

hey, are you going to blogher in august by any chance?