Tuesday, November 3, 2009


So my husband came home baring gifts tonight: Gatorade and peppermint patties. He does that every now and again and I always feel like I hit Lotto. So much better than cards or flowers. Gatorade for the gallons of water I forgot to drink during the day and peppermint patties because I am a woman who always wants chocolate but who also does not have a gym membership.

As I'm sitting there pondering where I got my affinity for gas station snacks I hear G chattering to himself. He is talking to someone about finishing his dinner (Breakfast really because it was oatmeal. It's always oatmeal.) Then I hear him say that Mommy likes these too and they can both have one after they eat their dinner. Curious, his daddy and I have to know.

Us: Who can have what after they eat their dinner?

Him: Mommy can have one too.

Us: Can have what?

Him: Patios.

Us: Patios?

Him: Yes. But Mommy has to eat her dinner first. Then she can have one patio.

Us: One...patio?

Me: Oh, look! I'm all done with my dinner? See?

Him: Nice job, Mommy. Here you go (handing me one peppermint patty). Here's your patio. You'll liii-iii-iike it (he sings) It's yummmm-mmy.

He's right. That was the best tasting patio I've had in a long time. God love the little ESL child who makes us smile every single day with his innocent twists of verbs and nouns. They are the surprises in our conversations that I will miss just as much as the little in this boy that makes him sweeter than space or time. I hope I never forget this night with patios and enough love to launch a thousand ships.


pajama mom said...

love me some gas station snacks.

One Sided Momma said...

you too? beef jerkey, yoohoos, and chex mix. lawdy me, i could survive on doritos alone for weeks.

pajama mom said...

and combos. don't forget combos.

One Sided Momma said...

i can't BELIEVE i forgot combos. they should come before beef jerkey for reals.

Tracy G said...

Mmmm...sorry, no time to post a comment, I've got to run to the gas station and grab a snack! LOL!
I was gonna say combos...