Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Daily

Whew- that was a long one. Almost three full days without really posting. Yeah, I told you guys about the "ordeal" on Saturday but I couldn't see a daggone bolt of lightning inches from my face while hunting and pecking the keyboard and the next two posts were just pics with no swagger so hopefully we're back in working order.

Which brings me to this: working order. What does that mean in your house? It's not that we don't have a routine here. We do. It's just that I constantly want to know what other people are doing and how well their routines work for their household. Could be the age of our children but some nights (or weekends as the case may be) it feels like The Husband and I are playing one collasally long volley of tossing the children back into the other one's court. It's a silent match and we don't talk about who actually "has" the ball but it's there and it can sometimes go on for hours unless one of us calls timeout to check our racket (pee). I'm guessing it's all the same whether you stay at home with children, work from home or work outside of the home- responsibilities lurk and divvying up time spent on the floor with little people dangling from (practically) every appendage is what must go on. Goes with the territory and our territory is Playmobile farm houses and plastic kazoos for now. It won't be long when it will be DMVs and ProActive so believe me, I'm not complaining...just curious and wanted to throw it out there to see what maybe we can incorporate here to shake things up a bit or at the very least change up the serve.


pajama mom said...

i have no real advice, except keep doing what you are doing.

playmobile and kazoos will give way to uno, connect four, war, yahtzee, trouble, etc.

well worth the early effort. :)

One Sided Momma said...

uno, connect four, etc. sound like a welcome change right about now but i know i'll miss these days soon enough. thanks for the light at the end of this small tunnel.

Jessica said...

First of all, I think it's really funny how you said you were just sort of half-assing it with photo-posts (have you seen my last 3 posts? hahaha).

Secondly, YES, my husgand and I totally have the silent volley when he gets home from work. Well, the silent volley plus the silent death rays when he cries uncle. He gets an invisible demerit if he ever says, "Hey babe, do you think you could do the night time thing tonight??" I say "invisible" because I try to remember he just worked all day and he wouldn't ask unless he really needed it. Thing is, he asks it routinely. I'm curious what exactly goes on in his nice, quite, orderly office all day that requires him to skip bath and bedtime, but WHATEV, right?

How do you keep score, exactly, anyway??

One Sided Momma said...

jessica- "invisible demerit" - that is perfect and i've been using it in my head all day. :) and there's absolutely no way to keep score, i'm convinced, b/c no matter how much you share the duties the truth of the matter is that we are more available and therefore have more to do and more "time" to do it since we don't get to clock out.