Thursday, November 19, 2009

Parking Garage & Elevators

Yesterday was full. Just a nice big fat full day with very little fluff in the middle. It was a good day that really had all the ingredients to be much less. It involved schlepping both kids to an impromptu doctor's appointment. So impromptu, in fact, that there wasn't time for a proper lunch or any nap to speak of. I did what I could to throw snacks, bottles and sippy cups together before bolting the door behind me and said a prayer that we'd get to at least the beltway before Abby unleashed the banshee within. She never did. The banshee slept instead. And the hungry toddler looked at me through lazy eyelids and said, "Mommy? I'm like you. I'm very tired. I will rest for a long long time when we get home." Amen to that dear child.

So we arrived at the gate (military facility), got the obligatory lost, and then found our way to the tallest parking garage on the east coast. No way should that be legal. The pigeons were two floors below straining their thick necks up to see us. And because it was evidently Everyone Needs A Medical Exam Wednesday, there wasn't one available parking spot on floors zero through five. We went up. And up. And up some more until Grayson's little voice peeked, "I can't see the trees anymore. What is this place, Mommy?" Finally six floors and many many feet above sea level we found an open spot to park and unload. Goood. Only fifteen minutes late. Even with the extra thirty I left myself as a kid-cushion we still managed to be that late. Should make us popular at check-in.

Building 8. We were next in search of some building named 8. I saw 9 and even 10 but no 8! Ah, we're here so let's roll anyway and ask when we get inside. Because we were Jack and The Beanstalk high above the world we had to find an elevator to even take us into the building, be it the wrong numbered building. I glanced down to see the top of Grayson's head looking around like he'd lost something. "You okay?"

"Yeah. What is this, Mommy?"
"Oh, an elevator, Honey."
"What does it do?"
"It's like a little room that goes up and down."
"Where are the handles?"
"No. It won't go quite that fast."

Dear Baby. My big boy's first experience on an elevator and I didn't even prep him. Actually, he's been on them several times before but not often enough to remember the experience. I think this one will stick. He sunk his little grip into my fleece so far that his fingers disappeared. I patted him on the head and pulled him close so he wouldn't be afraid. He jumped a little bit when it started to go down but looked up at me with a smooth grin when things got going.

"This is cool."
"This IS cool."

And it was. Very cool to watch a little boy experience something different and new for the first time.

The rest of the appointment went well and the doctor made mention of how lucky I was to have two well behaved kids to keep me company for the day. Hey Buddy, I get to hang with them all week.


pajama mom said...

i love when people notice how good we are - it makes me feel all proud and warm and fuzzy.

this feeling usually lasts until we get to the car and everyone starts fightin' over who gets to sit where. :)

good thing elevators aren't nearly as terrifying as the self-flush toilets! go g!

One Sided Momma said...

it helped that the doctor was hawwwwt too.

and just today g said he wants to go on a roller coaster "and will be brave just like he was brave in the elevator." poor little guy is going to have a coronary when he sees what a roller coaster looks like in real life and not just in Go Dog, Go!