Friday, August 10, 2012

Wives' Club

We had a Spouse Meeting today at Andy's school.

It was more fun than I've had in a long time.

The nerd in me enjoyed sitting in an auditorium listening to authority figures give speeches.  Authority figures in Marine uniforms, might I add.   Hubba Hubba.

Then the lot of us perfumed creatures broke into smaller clusters of eight to visit our husband's conference rooms.  While chatting with the lovely girl to my left, I discovered we belonged in the same group!

She was the kind of sveltish lovely that made me suddenly hyper-aware that my jeans (held together with a brown belt that might actually be Andy's) were outdated and several deodorant chalk lines on my black shirt were still quite visible under fluorescent lights.

Although I was a far cry from her nautically cool skirt and purple tee, she forgave my style transgressions and we exchanged digits by the end of our conference room tour. 

Maybe it was the talk from Andy's instructor about bonding with families in the same C&S boat.
Or that I recognized the sleepless nights in a spouse's face although her hair was perfectly straightened and her bra not showing in the slightest.
It could have been because we listened to the intense syllabus and even more intense pressure our husbands will endure this year and we know we will be the ones texting each other about that blasted 10 page paper due Monday morning at 0700 that we stayed up till 2300 to proof read and edit (men and their comma splices).

Whatever the reason, it was fun to meet this particular group of wives.  We don't really belong to a Wives' Club but if we did?

We'd make our husbands very proud.


Kate Coveny Hood said...

I have found some of my best friends in the most unexpected places! I used to shy away from organized women's groups, sensing a "sameness" in them - assuming that I wouldn't fit in. No more. In fact, my best "neighborhood" friend and I laugh about HER initial impression of ME. Here I am worrying about Stepford Wives judging me, when apparently I first appear to be one myself. Maybe we're just all a bunch of dorks and don't realize it.

OSMA said...

Kate- I really hope we are in fact all a bunch of dorks, it would be such a relief. I think it's even harder to make friends with women the older we get. I actually never followed through with a Book Club invite a year ago bc I thought the women were much brainier than I am but now we have forged friendships through insanely long kindergarten registration lines and shivering our bippies off together at the pool. You know, bonding moments. Here's to more dorkdom!