Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The...Bright Side?

A good friend of mine recently told me to look on the bright side first thing in the morning in order to have good thoughts for the day.  Even when you're doga** tired, the alarm is going berserk, your dog shoved her claw up your nose you still wake up and say, "Hello sunshine, I am ready for you," and good thoughts will beget more good thoughts.  So, I'm trying it now.  At night time, before bed.  A rough draft, if you will.

Lesson Number Uno:  At 8a.m. this morning, I was on the couch reading with Grayson when we both heard a thump.

After some investigation I saw a deceased something (you don't want to know) right smack in the middle of our back porch.

Upon further investigation, I noticed its little something mate five feet away who stood vigil for its very-much-gone friend.  The mate stood there, in profile, staring at me with one speck of an eye through the window for at least ten minutes.  Of course in my Dr. Doolittle brain it was asking me for help.

I went outside to see about that but soon realized whatever happened had completed the task and her mate was gone forever.  She waited for me to assess the situation with a stick, say a little something prayer, and go back inside.

I watched through the window as she perched herself up high (stop trying to guess, trust me you don't want to know) to see if I produced a miracle.  I didn't.  It broke my heart.  She took her final leave only after I eventually scooped up her friend and relocated it to its final resting place (not the garbage Mom, I'm not a monster.  Ok maybe the garbage.  But I will bury it tomorrow?)  

The...Bright Side?  This morning we just witnessed something amazing.  We just saw proof that all creatures love.  People who don't believe nature's creatures have feelings have never seen the demanding speck of an eye plead for a human's help.  They have never watched as she stood solidly next to her mate like a worried mom.  She didn't just take off for the next good lookin' something to cross her path.  She waited.  She waited a long time for him to come back to her the way she expected him to.  It was incredible to see we are not the only ones capable of loving something so much it waits for the impossible until it just can't wait anymore. (Do you want pictures?  You know I totally took pictures.)


Lesson Numero Dos:  After the kids' swim lessons, Grayson looked funny and wanted to go home.  This should have been enough information for me but apparently it took him, an hour later, writhing in pain and tearing at his hairline screaming about how badly his head hurt for me to throw us all in the car to get to the doctor's office in less than seven minutes.

He officially has the yuck.  He actually had it all over the doctor's floor three times.  I felt awful to bring a viral boy in when an hour prior to the yucking I was sure an alien was going to gnaw its way through his ear canal and find its way into my corneas.

Bright Side:  We are going to watch so much TV tomorrow that our brains will ooze Pillow Pets and Bakugans.  And all that talk in my other post about an "agenda?"  Ha!  I take my theoretically proposed agenda and I Half Nelson it with strep, Flubug 982798, or whatever extra terrestrial lifeform is using my children as its host.  Maybe the Curiosity's sky crane will find its mother to come get it and take it back home to eat dust balls instead of human DNA.

(How cool is NASA, by the way?  Mars now has tire tracks on it because of the U.S.A.  Huzzah!)

So there, Dark Side.  You can't own me.  You can't even borrow my sweaters.  I am looking on the Bright Side until it hurts.

Or maybe after it hurts because today?  Ouch.



Lynn said...

Your writing is so vivid that I can feel the events you describe!

OSMA said...

Lynn, what a great compliment, thank you! Hopefully you didn't feel sick but elated it was all over with by the end of the day :)