Thursday, August 23, 2012


The air moves cool between us in the mornings now.  We all walk a little faster.

Except for Abby who always lags a bit behind.
"I'm still little, you know," she defends and I'm glad she says so.  Because sometimes, with her, it's easy to forget.

Grayson's bonding with new friends.  Like souls with whom he can play and talk quietly.

 There is homework to pour over every night.  Andy is here, like a relative seen-and-not-heard- sitting under a glowing Owl lamp.  I enjoy proof reading and feel guilty for loving his new schedule much more than he does just because he's home.

Creatures from other planets visit us in red buckets while we squeal and shriek over its hissing mouth.

Abby paints and paints, and paints.  She adds color to everything around her.

Sparrow is catching up on lost dreams.  She knows Sadie will get all the bad guys so she sleeps in with me who knows these days of sleeping in are numbered.

Late days of summer are not so bad at all.

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