Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Little Ballerina


Abby had her first ballet class yesterday.

To think we went from launching off beds dressed like superheroes just hours before...




to eating fish sticks and cookies with friends in undies to....

to desperately mixing a magical placebo (we ran out of Uncle Donnie's Pepsi) of Margarita mix and water...

- sans tequila, not that desperate yet - just so she could stop crying from neck pain to...

"Hold me closer, Tiny Daaaaannnnceerrrr,..."


"...you had a busy day todaaaayyyyyy."


She woke up this morning inconsolably crushed that ballet class wasn't every day.

After seeing this smile, I'd have to say it makes two of us.

(Oh, you're wondering who that is standing next to Abby like she lives here or something?

She lives here or something.

And we are very lucky to have her.

More, lots more soon.)



Monica said...

You are making me jealous with these one. I tell you what, I love the testosterone, transformers, superheros, trains, cars, planes......but I need some of that pink around here. And those buns. And hair pretties. But not self hair cuts. I did that to myself and that one was bad enough to last three generations.

JRitz said...

You gotta love a girl that can go from superhero to ballerina in a blink of an eye. So cute.

And can't wait to here about the newest addition. He/She looks adorable.