Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Road Block

Minor roadblock:  found this small oddity on Abby's ear this morning on our way to school.

She woke up begging me with weepy eyes to "sleep in my bed all day please Mommy."  She is not wild about school these days but sleeping all day?  Not exactly her gig either.

It's warm to the touch, not itchy and getting redder and wider as we sit.

Doctor appointment this afternoon but I'm curious what you all think?  Poison Ivy that doesn't itch?  Bug bite?  Spiders that Tillie never got to eat?

A reason I will not drive eleven hours away from her in case she spikes a fever?

Not likely the latter but oh my goodness will I smash the little beastie that bit her if I find it.

1 comment:

Lynn said...

My guess is it's just a spot that didn't get dry after her bath, and then she slept on it? Curious.