Friday, June 22, 2012


The magic spell is broken.

The beautiful road tonic that lulled Grayson to sleep wore off the millisecond he inhaled house air. 

But all was not lost as Abby is now passed out (on the dogbed again) resting quietly and more importantly mute.  So now I am left with a wide-awake boy who is working on his Highlights Hidden Pictures for probably only 30 more seconds. Yep, all done.  In fact, during the creation of this sentence he asked me to help him find a toothbrush, crescent moon, and slice of cheese.  The toothbrush was a toughie.

It's not that I don't love spending time with my kids.

It's just that for some reason I keep looking forward to this elusive block of time where I will be able to do things adults like to do, uninterrupted. 
  • eat Cheez-Its from the box
  • post about the vineyard in TN
Not even really adult things involving margarita salt and tip money.  The simple pleasures of not keeping another person busy.  Things like:  
  • being motionless, face down, in the middle of my bed
  • deleting fat pictures from my camera
  • sip chai tea instead of heat it up 900 times to never drink it in the end
Oh, Ever Elusive Solitude, you must be out there somewhere.  I think I caught a glimpse of you last night while I was manically devouring schedules for summer camp.

The ballerina will be easy, she is accepting of new people and new situations if it earns her stage time in a pink leotard and ballet slippers.  The insomniac boy is another story.  He has already informed me he will, "not be tricked into taking camp where they smile too much."

Like I said, the toothbrush is a toughie.    

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DawnGes said...

Ahhhh... Yes, I get that whole elusive solitude deal. But, I confess, I'm picturing these days you get to hear them, see them, smell them, love them every day. Incredible, but very little sleep involved.

Praying for your sleep and solitude to appear in surplus!