Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Building Castles

I know you might have come here looking for an update on Nashville or pictures of Jake Owen and you will get just those things very soon.

But first, as I exit a dreamy world of cowboy hats and Opryland, I bring you images of how we are all readjusting to me being back at the homestead helm and Andy steering his ship at work.

The kids were sound asleep when we returned and thankfully our Ninjas did not appear battered or tattered.  Nam and Pop did the best job keeping school routines going, weekend fun at a premium and bath times still in operation while we were away.  They had things humming along so beautifully that nobody once called to ask me where I hide the Gin or the tonic.

Now that I'm home, I'm glad to be here. But it took a minute.

All day yesterday, I had one boot in Nashville and one Keene here.  My heart wasn't giving up music stages at every corner or an entire football stadium twinkling in tent lights during a ballad by a boy an artist named Hayden whose heart probably exploded when he looked up from his guitar.

Those things are addicting to behold.  I walked around with goosebumps for four nights straight and not just because it was breezy.

ANYway, here's my yesterday.

Thank goodness for princesses who require a kingdom and engineers who help design the flags that sail on top.  Without them, I might be googling real estate in Tennessee.  Broadway to be exact.

 (Yes, my neighbors think we're homeschooling.)

 Abby glitterfying her castle and its royal crib.

 Inside the palace.

 Tillie and Sadie's turn to become besparkled.

 "Hi-Li, Mom?"

 "Waaaiiiit for me!"

 But first Grayson has to upretty his stuff.

Grayson's flags that were designed to "blow in the wind."

Princess toes are the perfect elixir for a country lovesick momma.



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