Friday, June 1, 2012

Humble Pie

The big self-congratulatory post about pushing past limits yesterday?

Someone woke up to a huge slice of humble pie this morning.  Not moving so well, you guys.  Not moving so well at all.

(Forgot about lactic acid build-up.)

Any suggestions as to how to play this from my bathtub? I promised the kids more Hi-Li in the backyard when all I really want to do is scoop out the burn inside my thighs and still-there derriere.

Happy Friday, my friends. 

Let's have a toast to two steps forward, one lunge back.


*What's really the only entertaining factor is the trail of the day I'm leaving all over the house.  Things the kids leave that I cannot bend over to retrieve from the carpet.  From where I sit now, the accumulation is:

  • 1 sleeping bag
  • 30 sheets of tissue paper (Abby is wrapping something while in the buff.)
  • someone's inside out clothes (I'm guessing Abby.)
  • two plastic containers of beads
  • an owl pillow
  • gag -gift hand buzzer 
And that's just in my bedroom.


Lynn said...

You have a beautiful way of painting a scene. I love it! Now heal.

OSMA said...

And you have a beautiful way of making someone's day, thank you so much, Lynn. Would you believe I'm still walking like a constipated penguin FOUR days later?